Tomato Supports

green tomatoesNow it’s time to make decisions about tomato supports, before my many tomatoes actually sprout and grow like weeds. I don’t know why this is such a struggle for me.

Last year I waited too late to use tomato cages, so I supported them with the Florida Weave technique. This may have worked well for me, but I was in a hurry to get it done and used materials I had on hand. My string wasn’t heavy enough and the stakes weren’t strong enough, resulting in failed supports as soon as the plants and tomatoes put on a little weight.  Maybe I’ll try it again this year.

I’ve already made the decision to avoid tomato cages. I don’t think they’re alway tall enough, and sometimes start coming out of the ground as the plants grow. They are also expensive.

I have some leftover wire farm fencing, and this may be the route I take this season. I will probably need some additional fencing, but this looks like a sturdy system that can be used year after year.

The cherry tomatoes will be my biggest challenge. I have previously tried to support them on a PVC frame with garden netting, but it wasn’t even close to strong enough. Those plants would have been tall with the proper support, but instead they bent over and rambled all over the garden. I’m considering this folding wooden tomato cage.  It’s tall and appears to be very sturdy.

When I get this figured out I’ll post an update. Meanwhile, what do you do to support your tomatoes? Have you discovered the perfect system? Or do you stick with traditional wire tomato cages?


  1. The same thing happens to us. Last year we waited to late to use supports and the tomatoes took over the entire garden. This year they have a net to climb on, so we’ll see what happens. Good luck!

  2. sherilynn says:

    Nicky, I moved my net to the bed where I have my pole beans planted, and am hoping that works out. Enjoy your tomatoes this year!

  3. You need strong support for tomatoes. I am going to use TPosts this year with pipe running on top and stringing them up. Expensive but very workable are these 4 x4 and 2×4 trellis I have. The problem is with wrapping and some cracking. You can see both on my blog.
    Here is a short link on last years tomatoes.
    I have more pictures on my Flickr:

  4. sherilynn says:

    Lisa, thanks for the links. Your garden looks amazing! I’m impressed with the way you trellised your tomatoes. I need to look at your technique more closely.

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