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pepper seedling

Sheri, Sheri, quite contrary! How does your garden grow?

I'm afraid my garden isn't growing as well as I would like. A colder than normal spring hasn't helped, and I'm not so sure the soil is as it should be. I do have cucumbers and beans that look like they'll be OK, but the lettuce isn't thriving the way it usually is, and other seeds are very slow to sprout. I haven't been … [Read More...]

zapf dingbats

Zapf Dingbats

Today, because it's the last day of the the Blogging A to Z Challenge, and because I am finally on the letter Z, I bring you Zapf Dingbats. Yes, I know how to draw and how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, but I do occasionally use Zapf Dingbats. Without apology. In fact, the flowers in my blog header are made with Zapf … [Read More...]

eggs in carton


  I love fried eggs with runny yolks. I blame it on my Granny, who used to cook the best over-easy eggs in the world. She always managed to achieve the perfect balance of firm white and liquid … [Read More...]

purple coneflowers


  I came across "xeriscape" a couple of weeks ago while Googling some landscape questions. The word immediately intrigued me because it sounds very sci-fi and complex. That's me - annoyingly … [Read More...]