Pie Crust for Pie Day!

unbaked rounds of pie crust on floured board


Today was Pi Day. Of course I celebrated, didn’t you? And what better way to do that than with a pie? Because pi is, after all, the circumference of a circle divided by it’s diameter. So baking  a circle and eating it is the totally right thing to do. Coincidentally, today also just happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. Happy birthday, Albert! I baked you a Pi pie!

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Emergency Crafting! Cheap & Easy DIY Plant Marker Tutorial

Cheap & Easy DIY Plant Markers - A Tutorial at sosheri.com

Y’all! This weather! I know my friends in the Northeast have it much worse than I do, but this southern girl living in the Midwest has had enough. I love a good snowstorm every now and then, but today I’m just over it. I have a critical case of cabin fever, for which the only cure is some emergency crafting. The problem with cabin fever is that it usually means I can’t easily get supplies. I live over 20 miles from the nearest craft store, and the local WalMart barely qualifies as a superstore, so the craft department there is a bit thin. I can’t get there today, anyway, because… ICE! The only solution under such dire circumstances is to improvise.

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pepper seedling

Sheri, Sheri, quite contrary! How does your garden grow?

I'm afraid my garden isn't growing as well as I would like. A colder than normal spring hasn't helped, and I'm not so sure the soil is as it should be. I do have cucumbers and beans that look like … [Read More...]

zapf dingbats

Zapf Dingbats

Today, because it's the last day of the the Blogging A to Z Challenge, and because I am finally on the letter Z, I bring you Zapf Dingbats. Yes, I know how to draw and how to use Illustrator and … [Read More...]